Be Wild and Wander

My biggest dream in life would be to dance around the world. I would Irish Jig in Dublin, I would hula dance in Maui, I would Toy-i Toy-i in Johannesburg, and I would whine and bubble in Kingston. I love and adore other cultures from around the world. Nothing makes my heart more full than learning about new things and new ideas and possibilities.

This blog is a place where it’s free to be you and me. All my randomness, all my thoughtfulness, and all my rigidity. Everything I love and everything that grinds my gears. This is just a documentation of a few stops I’ve made along the way.

Being a Jersey girl born to Jamaican parents, my life has always revolved around music, food, and family. Being a first-generation American, I am also deeply rooted in Caribbean culture. These are the joys I find in every family get together, every holiday, and every girls trip.