Cheers to 8 years

I got my first job out of college two years after I graduated (womp womp). Once I accepted the job offer, my mother immediately put me on a very tight savings plan. Her best friend suggested to her that I purchase a condo for myself. At the time, interest rates were quite low. Me being quite new to the home buying process, I had A LOT to learn…..and a lot to un-learn.

Ever since I graduated high school, my only intention was to move out when I got married. In my late teens, seeing the price of condos blew my mind. I remember asking my dad what sense does it make to spend that much on an apartment when I could just buy a house. Little did I know, owning property was the best thing I could have done for myself at the time.

The process was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever been through to date. Once I started my job, my mom said I had to “pay” her $500 a month while I still lived in her house. To speed up the process, I also saved a separate $500 per month on my own. After 11 months, I had $11,000 saved to put towards all things condo.

First I learned what an offer letter is. This is the letter that lets you know what price range you can search in depending on your credit score and work history. Because I did not have a long work history at my job, my dad co-signed for me. The next thing I learned about were FHA (Federal Housing Authority) loans. These loans allow you to put down a 3.5% down payment of the price of the condo. It also includes the seller paying the closing costs. I also learned about inspection costs and home owners association fees.

It took about two months, and 11 or 12 different showings, until I finally decided on the condo I now call home. Funny enough, because I was so bent on starting a family, I used to look for two bedroom condos so I would have a place to put my imaginary baby. I had to remind myself that it’s just me, and might be for a while, so don’t spend on a two bedroom while its just me.

After what felt like endless showings, I finally landed on a place. When I first walked in I fell in love. It was big and spacious, but cozy at the same time. Since the pandemic, I have been so moved to redecorate. I basically live at Home Goods/Target/Marshall’s/Burlington at this point. I’m even more in love with my place now than I was when I first moved in.

My move in date was March 15, 2013. Since then, I have been through many highs and lows while living here. Noisey neighbors, screaming babies, job losses, and of course the current pandemic. If this pandemic has taught me anything, give thanks for what you have before it becomes what you had.

So cheers to 8 years!!!

Love and Vibes,
Nichole Naomi

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