Pose for the Camera

My mother loves to tell the story of how shy I was when I was a baby. Whenever she would have company, I would always hide in my room and peek around the corner. My mom would always tell them to just reach for a photo album. Before you know it, I’m sitting in their lap pointing to every picture telling them who everyone is. I am now well in my 30’s and I’m still the same way. Being both my parents first child it’s safe to say that my whole life is photographically documented. My mom and dad still have bags and bags and albums full of pictures.

Since I am a millennial, a lot of my life was lived before social media. I was already 19 by the time I joined MySpace and Facebook, so I don’t have the instinct to grab my phone and record my every waking moment. By that time, camera phones were gaining more popularity over personal digital cameras. Small confession, I was obsessed with Kodak Easy Share digital cameras…..printer and all. Now I own a small Sony digital camera that I never use.

Ever since I’ve been on my own, I still make it a point to print pictures and fill photo albums. I went from dropping digital cameras off at Walgreens, to printing pictures with my Kodak easy share printer, to uploading in Shutterfly and ordering prints. If you don’t have an account, just visit Shutterfly.com and set up a free account. Even it’s to have a safe place for your precious moments. Shutterfly has everything under the sun you can print pictures on.

I still love pictures as much as I did when I was a baby. From time to time I still flip through my photo albums. Pictures from Hawaii, Jamaica, and Trinidad still make me happy to go through.

Love and Vibes,

Nichole Hamilton

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