Operation Redecoration

Since 2021 has gotten off to a rocky start, let’s all just say Happy New Year one more time for the cheap seats in the back. Once summer 2020 was over, I decided to give my place a makeover. With daily covid 19 updates, I figured we would be spending more time in the house. So what better way to make your abode more comforting. And if you’re a retired party girl like me, you can make your place feel more like when outside was open. Bring all the things you love to do and places you love to go to your home.

For starters, I had my old computer desk and dining set from my college apartment for years. I did end up getting a newer couch set, but after 7 years I sank it into the ground. So at the end of 2020, I donated my couch, computer desk and dining set to the Salvation Army. I made sure I took my time in choosing the right furniture for the look I was going for.

I was recently gifted with a new sleeper sofa that I am obsessed with. It’s a navy blue three cushioned couch. I had to move the couches around a few times until I liked how everything looked. The way it’s set up now gives a more open feel to my living room. I also got a new 5 piece dining set and a new computer desk. I wanted to get a counter height table with stool-style chairs. I kept the dark cherry wood furniture throughout my place just so it all looks uniform. I also switched out the orange centerpiece on the table for a better color that fit into my place nicer.

I’m excited to dive in to home decor. Like any normal girl, I love to shop at Home Goods, Burlington, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. Soon I plan on stepping up to Pier 1 imports and Crate and Barrel. Sidebar, Pier 1 Imports is strictly online now as all their stores have closed. So join me for more of my home decor delights.

Love and Vibes,

Nichole Naomi

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