Outside from Long Time

After 2 years, I finally made it back to Jamaica with my mom and sister for Christmas/New Years. My family lives in the Westmoreland parish, in the Negril area. I was a little more excited to go this year because my family has grown as a few of my cousins had babies. This trip was also the beginning of my mother’s return home. After a long year of quarantine and social distancing, an international trip was well overdue. There were a lot of places I wanted to go to but we were under a 14 day quarantine. Although there was a 7PM curfew in place, we did however manage to make it to a handful of places.

I took a dip at one of my favorite spots, Blue Hole Mineral Spring. We also went to Margaritaville. My mom’s friends came to visit and took me and my sister out for the day. We also went back to Blue Hole another night just to have a drink and hang out with friends. We spent a day on the beach with family from New York that stayed in a different area in Jamaica. We even had brunch at Xtabi, one of my favorite restaurants on the cliffs. Other than that, most of our time was spent at different family member’s houses. Our usual trips to Jamaica are full of friends and loud parties, but this trip was very mellow and close knit.

We had Christmas dinner at my cousins new house. He came down with his wife and kids and celebrated his daughter’s birthday. On Christmas morning we got two puppies that ended up being the highlight of the trip. Both girls, we named one Coco and the other one Pebbles. Coco is all brown, and Pebbles is brown and white. So cute and mischievous, just like any other babies. My mom has been sending videos of them playing around the yard and curled up at her feet.

New Year’s Eve night was spent in my mother’s backyard with my sister, my mother and I as well as two close friends. No bonfire, no pot covers, no alcohol toast, no loud music. When the clock struck 12, we all hugged each other and went to bed. I can honestly say it was the most peaceful New Year I have ever had. Peace, clarity, love, and comfort. Happy New Year my luvs. May 2021 bring you the miracle your life has been waiting for.

Love and Vibes,

Nichole Naomi

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