Lights, action, HOLLYWOOD!!!

After launching Baseline Cosmetics, I was contacted by a Mas Band in Los Angeles requesting sponsorship for Hollywood Carnival. In sheer excitement, I gladly accepted, told my mom, and my sister and I were off to LA for carnival.

It was a short weekend trip. We arrived the Friday and left the Sunday. We stayed at the Mama Shelter hotel that had a clear view of the Hollywood sign from their rooftop restaurant. Upon arrival, we made our way to collect our costumes and see our lipstick trios in each masquerader’s costume package. Once we made it back to our hotel, we got dressed and went to Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills for dinner.

Saturday morning was the big day. My sister and I woke up, did our makeup and hit the road. We took an Uber to our designated spot, and met with the band Extasy Mas. As a first time sponsor, my sister and I introduced ourselves and told each masquerader that it was our lipsticks in their bags.

We took pics, made friends, and applied lipstick on the road before we got on bad!!! My sister and I spent our road experience on the truck the whole time. My sister even climbed up the side of the truck to whine up and dance. We were right next to the performer Mr. Linky rock and come in.

The band we sponsored ended up winning King and Queen of the year as well as Band of the Year. It was a great experience for me and my sister. I will say, Baseline Cosmetics will be a multi-million dollar brand the next time I take on another sponsorship opportunity.

If you have never been to Hollywood Carnival, it’s a cute must try. It’s not as elaborate as Trinidad Carnival or Crop Over in Barbados, but it’s worth a try.

Love and Vibes,
Nichole Naomi

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