Good Like Gold

Being a February baby, I usually never go out for my birthday because of the snow or freezing cold. Sometimes my squad doesn’t feel like getting dolled up to face the cold either. Luckily, this year and last year were free of snow and rain, so out to NYC we went. 

Last year my friends and I went to Soco in Brooklyn, which has been one of my favorite restaurants for years. This year, we took our beat faces and beaming highlighters to Pergola NYC. One random day, I was going through IG stories and saw someone tag Pergola, so I looked them up and made reservations for 7. It was me, my sister, my best friend, my cousin and three friends.

Pergola is located at 36 w.28th St. NY, NY. I ordered the grilled octopus for my appetizer, Chilean sea bass for my entree, and Pergola poppies for dessert. My drink of choice was called the Bright Lotus. After several drinks, we left and headed to 40/40, my fave. While still at Pergola, one of my friends got hookah which was cool. I don’t smoke hookah, never tried, but I see why people like it. 

The one downside to this restaurant is that they have a required minimum based on the size of the party. So instead of paying for what you ordered, you have to continue ordering until you hit the minimum. Overall the restaurant was a vibe, like something out of Sex and the City. Packed and buzzing with good music and hookah. 

If you’ve never been, it’s a pretty dope place to go. You and your friends can get cute and go flex over a nice drink or two.

Love and Vibes,
Nichole Naomi

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