More than I can say

My dad is my biggest influence when it comes to money. My whole life my dad has always instilled financial intelligence in me and my sister. So naturally, I’m a horrible spender. As each year goes on, I make it a point to understand money on a bigger scale. While I strongly encourage entrepreneurship, I’m also a huge fan of 9-5 jobs with decent salaries and benefits. The stability and security is unmatched. I am also a huge fan of living within your means and creating a lifestyle that suits you. I have never been one to encourage keeping up with the joneses, especially with the heavy influence of social media and opulent reality shows.

One of my favorite series to watch is “The Men Who Built America” that depicts the robber barons of the United States. The series premiered in 2012, but I still watch whenever the reruns come on. I particularly like to watch because I pay close attention to everything that isn’t said. I watch to fully understand the magnitude of money and net worth each man accumulated. I pay close attention to how each man made their money and created the true foundation of capitalism and greed. I have also become hooked on The Food That Built America, and just find it amazing how money and influence create generational wealth. So many things we are mentally and physically tied to are so dependent on things so much bigger than us.

It is extremely important to understand wealth in the US, and ultimately worldwide. The concept of oligopolies and accumulating wealth is what needs to be understood to cut financially dependent ties to everything that controls the masses. Being able to gain command of your own finances is the first step. Understanding why you buy what you buy is the next step. How does buying what you buy make you feel? This can lead to changing your shopping habits.Do you love Target runs as much as I do? Or do you like shopping at your local markets? Do you buy everything you see advertised on Instagram? Or do you support your fellow high school classmate selling hoodies and t-shirts? Do you spend every other paycheck in Sephora? Or do you support small budding beauty and skin care companies?

Once you understand how money truly operates in this country, you will have more control over how you make and spend your money. It will also help you to determine what is important to you as well as possibly changing your shopping/spending habits. In today’s day and age, every dollar counts. Never wait for someone else to do something. Be your own influence. Do things because you feel moved enough to do so. Find the ease in putting your money where your mouth is and spend your money smarter. Get accustomed to supporting smaller enterprises instead of just blindly spending with major conglomerates just because it’s comfy.

Love and Vibes,
Nichole Naomi

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