Her Turn Up and My Church

I found out I got accepted to the Hampton University Class of 2008 in March 2004. As a part of the incoming freshman class, we all received our supply list for everything we would need for our new dorm rooms. We also received a plain white piece of paper with the name and phone number of our new roommate. Funny enough, before we moved into our dorm, I never called her and she never called me. We both just waited until we actually moved in. Our move in day was at the end of August. I moved in with a squad of 7, my mom/sister/aunt/uncle/and three cousins. Once we unpacked all my things, three ladies walked in. My roommate’s mom, older sister, and of course my new roommate. We all stood there in silence, and everyone watched as the two of us hugged each other for the first time.

Once everyone left and headed back up the I-95, it was just the two of us. She was also from NJ, just like me. She also had one sister just like me. And she was also raised by a single mom, just like me. She was from Newark/Irvington and I thought she was going to be loud and aggressive, only to find out she was all about church, work and school. I, however, was a pretty seasoned party girl by the time I got to college, so I wasn’t impressed by much. A little back story, by the time I got to college, I had been partying in New York for a while and I missed it to no end when I saw what the college/VA party scene was like. At the time, they didn’t play any reggae outside of NY and the clubs closed around 2am. So needless to say I was eternally pressed to go back home to party.

Our first night sleeping in the dorm, we stayed up all night talking about life and what high school was like and what we wanted our futures to look like. To my surprise, she loved N’Sync just as much as I did. We talked about how awful guys were and how many classes we were taking for the semester. Every Sunday she made me watch The Wire and every Tuesday I made her watch Laguna Beach. I told her I come from a very big family, and she told me she wanted 6 kids because she came from a small family. From that day to this day I said not on my watch!!! I’m too wild and crazy for 6 kids, so as far as I’m concerned, we’re riding this until the wheels fall off.

Over the course of 16 years, we have traveled to Jamaica for Dream Weekend three years in a row. We have climbed waterfalls and river beds. We have jumped off cliffs into water holes. We have played mas in two different carnivals. The list goes on and on. And at this point in our friendship, we have definitely become inseparable. I always tell her she’s the reason I know for sure that I can get married. Our personalities couldn’t be more opposite, however the way we communicate makes all the difference. Compared to other friends that I’ve had, she and I have never had a fight, fall out, blow up or argument. To this day, she is the only friend my mother swears by.

Check out her blog She’s Enroute

Love and Vibes,
Nichole Naomi

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  1. This!!!! LOVE YOU TO LIFE!!!

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