Out of Many, One Vibe

After going to the Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn every year of my life, I finally took my love of carnival to the mecca, Trinidad and Tobago. I went for a birthday trip in 2016. Although I won’t discuss the trip, I will say I vowed to attend one carnival per year in a new place. During this trip, this was the first time I got my makeup professionally done.

A year later in 2017, I put my love of Carnival and Caribbean party culture into my brand, Baseline Cosmetics. Ultimately, the brand represents those who love to party. Coachella, Beyonce Concerts, Music Festivals, Party Series and of course Carnival.

I spent my 20’s going to Miami for Memorial Day, Dream Weekend in Jamaica, and a million concerts here at home. I told myself, my 30’s will be spent visiting different countries and experiencing different carnivals around the world. So far, I have played mas in 3 different places (stormed in two)

With three years under my belt, it has been quite an interesting journey. At this point, in the midst of this quarantine, I have every intention on expanding to all your party needs when it comes to makeup and accessories. I’m looking forward to growing as a brand.

Love and Vibes,
Nichole Naomi

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